If you haven’t seen a Guylty RAPS (gasp!) or own one, now is your chance!!! They are works of art, a labor of love AND this is really for a great cause! spReAd the love, peeps!

Guylty Pleasure

With the situation in Nepal still dire, especially as a second earthquake has devastated the country last week, I would like to raise a donation for the victims of the catastrophe. The RA community has proven many a time that it is populated by a generous and compassionate bunch of people. I know that I do not need to appeal to you to do some good. For many of you it is a matter of course to donate money where it is urgently needed, and I believe the power of a thought, a prayer or of spreading the word is just as worthy. However, if you have a coin to spare, you could try bidding on three RA pocket shrines which I am throwing into an auction, the proceeds of which are to go to charity.

On auction will be:

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