No, NOT Richard… my son!!!!


The weather cleared long enough for me and Spawn to go to the beach for a few hours. It’s funny, really. When we lived down here, when ever I was troubled, my mind wouldn’t stop working, things bothering me, we went to the beach. usually just to walk – I think I only swam in the Atlantic 4 times while here.


that was when God TALKED to me. It didn’t matter how busy or noisy it was, well, it was never noisy, except ocean sounds. The worries of the world went away, my problems became solved, managed. Dealt with.



But either way – we were walking and Spawn says – Mom, what are you doing? And I told him- me and God, we’re having a chat. He snorted and said – he’s talking to me too. I wondered what God was saying to him and I asked.


He smirked and raised his camera to take another picture of the waves. He told me to stop worrying about you. He’s got your back.


And the funny thing is God told me it was going to be okay, and Spawn was going to be okay.


By the way, the water was COLD!


and foamy

SSPX0014 SSPX0013

and we saw a freighter –  which we’ve always considered a good sign.

SSPX0010 SSPX0011 SSPX0009

These aren’t good pictures, but you could also see the tugs, which for some odd reason, I am  rather fond of.

Oh. And  Flowers.

SSPX0029 SSPX0028

HE stayed in the car. He was afraid he’d get washed out to sea.


Not so! I fear the salt water would corrode my sword and armor. 

(Really, I have a better picture of him standing on the dash but for some odd reason, it won’t load.)