The newest Drool Maker….

Guylty Pleasure

RAPS Inc. has swiftly moved on from past mistakes. According to our sources, the company is testing the deployment of paparrazzi photographers, and even has a scoop in the bag already. Hot on the heels of Armitage’s as-yet unconfirmed arrival on the set of his latest project, a medieval clerical road movie-cum-thriller entitled Pilgrimage, the papaRAPSi were able to catch the actor donning his monking robes for the first time, as well as showing the international heart throb using his devastating smoulder in its latest, Gaelicized version off-set.

It appears that RAPS Inc is branching into new areas. If you remember, RAPS Inc. was on the verge of collapse when the company reacted all too rashly to what appeared like an IRPA (International Richarding Policy Adjustment) aka the “OpeRAtion Spring Clean“. While the company seems to have backpedalled on its initial decision to switch their shrine object…

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