At my school todayy.

No crap. Honest. 45 minutes before school let out, one of my students says – My mom just texted. She said we’re under an EXTREME tornado  warning and told me to go somewhere safe, right now!

About that time, 3 other phones go off with Red Alerts.

And then my phone went off – yep. EXTREME warning. Funnel clouds spotted in the area.

Of course we’re in a safe room and we’re locked down. 30 minutes later, my group is sent to the gym locker room, where my boys get to see a women’s locker room for the first time in their lives.

they were jealous.

What was supposed to only go to 3:00, ended up going to almost 4:45. We had unhappy chill-rens, unhappy hourly workers. Seems the massive tornado cloud sat over our school for 90 minutes. Going nowhere. Kids didn’t realize how much danger they were in. I had one demand for me to give them an exact time he could expect to be done with this.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice if Mother Nature gave us a time table, hmm? Oh darlings – I’m going to rattle the earth over here tomorrow. Y’all just clear out now, k?

Yeah.  Right.

Most interestingly, however, is I have 2 minutes of phonevid of a funnel cloud trying to do its thing over the school.  Really. Gary Fuller would pitch a fit. Several teachers – along with me – were standing in the doorway, taking vid. None of us taking cover right now.

I’ll upload it when I figure out how to do it. (Actually when I find my adapter for my phone card… )