digital email

Word of advice.

I unsubscribed ORIGINALLY from their email when it was announced that North America (USA and Canada) were going to be forced to sit at the table and watch everyone else eat dessert and we would get the table scraps at some point in time. So that was what – in November? Late November?

I ended up unsubscribing 4 times and eventually marked them as spam and sent a rather hateful, profanity filled email to get off their email permanently. The last one was sent in April.

In the meantime, I was beaten over the head with the over-the-top marketing, have heard MORE complaints about the difficulty of downloading the viewer (I had a difficult time with it as well when I first thought EVERYONE was just getting the download) and since, complaints about the length of time it took to download IF one could get it download at all, complaints that people couldn’t hook it up to their televisions and resorted to watching it on their computer screen…

Selling the interviews…. SELLING THE EFFING INTERVIEWS. Please.

Digital can bite me. If they were the only ones showing the Second Coming of Christ, I would still by-pass it.