Are you excited??? I am!

hmmmm yesssss

I have WORKED like every day this week. Actually, the last 3 weeks have been wonderful, seeing how February sucked moldy rocks work wise. And we still have another week in the pay period. Whoot. This is mostly why I’ve been so quiet as of late.

I have decided that when my tax return comes in, I’m going to buy a new computer. One with a bigger screen. And more ram. And a decent graphics card. The one I have sucks, the digital feed, any kind of video feed sucks (yet another reason why I was initially sooooo happy about the Theater Release for The Crucible and then my hopes were so cruelly dashed…

*shakes fist at Digital Theatre (who I STILL haven’t heard from) and whoever it is that owns the copy right. I’m not going to see YOUR version of it either! No matter WHO you cast!*

Every tax return I’ve gotten in the last 3 years has gone to doctors or into my old Buick. I have been amazingly HEALTHY this winter and the Buick is I believe off to the junk yard. So I will be quite pleased to spend it on something NOT health related or car related.

My doctor called yesterday and told me she needed to see me before my scheduled appointment later in April. I’m going to run out of meds. We need to talk. The Glimpiride is doing it’s job too well and I’ve already cut the dosage in half once. I couldn’t get my blood sugar out of the 70’s yesterday, even after sugar binging. I finally got it up into the 90’s after dinner.

And then dad went and got us Frostys and my blood sugar this morning was 162…

I’m reading… I’ve read a lot of books this month. And I’m writing a lot as well. I’m probably driving the archivist at RASF nuts. I went to update Aside from Heaven at Ffnet only to discover I had never loaded the last chapter. I’ve learned the hard way NOT to upload 2 chapters at once. It attracts the flamers. I think this weekend I”ll do the rounds at all my archives and make sure they’re all current.

I wish Watty would fix their shit. I’d like to resume uploading there, but having to completely reformat after I’ve done the work after I load… Why do they insist on adding stuff that doesn’t need to be added??? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…

I’m off to the races… (not really) I’m just a chair warmer today. But here. Have some Guy…




I don’t want to hear ONE WORD about objectifying!

you will be punished

We're having sex


I just want to crawl in his mouth. And stay there.

We are getting cold weather back this weekend. After temps in the 70’s and 80’s we have a freeze warning for Saturday night. What is UP with that??? geeeeeeeeeezopetes!

Y’all have a great weekend. Spawn and I are going to a concert at UGA tomorrow. Should be nice. We haven’t gone to a concert together in ages!