After gaining back all the weight I lost last summer over the holidays and pissing off my doctor and my blood sugar going through the roof and the new meds giving me fits (I had 2 days I couldn’t get it over 83) I have

a) cut back the new meds

b) swapped cokes for water, diet Dr Pepper and black tea with caffeine

c) have developed a love for Greek Yogurt – that DOESN”T have strawberries or peaches (not the kind of peaches I want) or carmelized rocks

d) am eating sensibly. Cheerios at breaksfast, sometimes a fruit elevensees – I swear I am a Hobbit! – one Greek Yogurt at lunch, the 2nd one an hour later with water water water another sensible snack when I get home (usually string cheese or Skinny Girl Popcorn) and a reasonable dinner. I MIGHT have another string cheese late.

My blood sugar the last few days has been in the low 100’s. (This morning was 106) and I’ve lost 8 pounds since I saw my doctor 3 weeks ago.

And I’ve not been up at the track yet. whoot!

now… me and my honey are going to go celebrate… gimme some sugah!

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