A Greek Yogurt I do not like.

I’m becoming quite the connosuire.  (I just misspelled that. I know it.) Yoplat is the bomb. Great Value (Walmart’s off brand) is pretty okay, except they seem to think that everyone like strawberries, so if you buy combo Greek Yogurt or a 4 pack, there will be strawberries. And I don’t like strawberries. I prefer my berries of the wild variety. You know…. Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Richardberries.


hmmmm yesssss

sorry. Side tracked.


(That would an example of the wild subgenus Guyberry. Also known as leatherberry. *coughs*)

Either way… I have found a flavor I do NOT like.

Carmelized Almonds and Yogurt.

I forget the brand. the Almonds are in a side tubette and you have to spoon them over. I was hoping for ALMONDS. What I got was rocks. Little beige rocks. It was not appetizing. At all. Crunchy, yes. The yogurt itself tasted slightly sour. My appetite was definitely set off. I ate it, it wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t spoon-licking worthy.


AH yes. The subgenus Porterberry! Definitely lickable!


Uhm… yeah. DEFINITELY lickable….

And preferable to the crap I let slide down my throat an hour ago!

And the neat thing is, the almond thing had more calories than the others I like… even the applie pie one. So I won’t have to worry about it!!!!

I’m going to look at the lickable berries again….