It appears that hell hath frozen over. Digital is (finally) releasing The Crucible to the teeming unwashed masses of grateful people willing to accept dregs and the last crumbs from the table.

How do I know this?

Not because of the Tweets or the blogs screaming praises to the digital gods for putting every one out of their misery.

Not because of the interviews that are being released…

But because Digital sent me a fucking email AGAIN to tell me about it!

(for those unaware of the saga, I have unsubscribed from Digital’s email updates, 3 times now, the first time in December when it was announced that the American Audiences were being thoroughly dissed and the 3rd time, some weeks back.)

I marked the damn thing as spam and went to the website to curse at their ‘Contact Us’ page.

I guess I didn’t blow enough sunshine up their ass because there were consistent errors. So I did the email us thing.

2 hours after I email, I get notification that I have to CREATE A FUCKING ACCOUNT for my email request to go through. By now i”m pretty desperate to make sure nothing they send out ever comes to my box again, so I created the damn account.

At midnight, I get a notice that YAY I now have an account at a place I never intend on visiting again and it will take 5 business days for someone to ‘see to my request’ and they are only open Mon-Fri from 1 to 1:04 PM so please be patient.

You’ve got to be effing kidding me…

I realize that I am one, single lone crabby Richard Armitage fan, so therefore my voice doesn’t mean a hill of beans, but it means a hill of beans to me. I don’t appreciate the grandstanding and the rubbing in the face of any of this.

I am now going to go into the kitchen and eat something that will make my blood sugar skyrocket.