Glacial winds and blinding snow! We battened down the hatches because the Weather Channel and National Weather Society and every weather man on the eastern seaboard said our bahooties were going to be socked in and frozen.

My father went with my mother this time to stock up on food. There were no beans brought into this house, because we have a hugeass tupperware of pintos already, but they did bring back a shitload of Chips Ahoy, much to my consternation.

My parents obviously hate me.

(So far, the first bag has been completely scarfed and I only had 3.)

We were told noon yesterday. Be home and socked in by noon. We were.

The snow began in earnest at 4:02. Big white fluffy balls, which soon turned to snow and ice and then sleet and then snow with ice and then big white fluffy balls…

Snow in Georgia. ‘Tis lovely!

I woke up to the rare beauty of snow this morning. I, of course, went out and took pictures.

(I so knew you’d want to see)


This is our front yard. I’m overwhelmed by the sheer amount of snow.

And this is where the drifts are always huge!


Other amazing pictures.



Isn’t it amazing? Who would think Georgia would get THIS much snow??? We’ll be weeks digging out.

Some of you might have noticed we seem to be ‘down’ a few trees. They are building a Bojangles next to us and they’ve staked out 5 more plots for similar ventures. I do believe they sold the lumber to a toothpick factory. Joy. I weep for the decreasing habitat of our local deer and coyotes.