A few days can make.



I’m thinking it’s time to find someone who takes Locks of Love donations.

Also – this….


That was this morning’s reading – taken about an hour ago!

I’ll be honest and say it’s the new meds. I also think the new meds are giving me a constant low-grade headache. 😦

And I would like to introduce my newest ride!


A 2000 Toyota Avalon.

It has a heater… and A/C (You have NO idea how much that is welcome right now!) And a working CD and Tape Deck!

And a SUNROOF!!!!


Have I mentioned I LOVE Toyotas? That I have grieved the loss of my Camry??? That I never thought I would own a sweet ride again???

(The former owner is a relative who take meticulous care of his vehicles!)

And the first thing on the radio when I got in was a Stevie Ray Vaughn mini-concert.

Did I mention, I LOVE Stevie Ray Vaughn????

Stevie Ray and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back… my ex husband introduced me to his music. It’s one of those few, happy memories I cling to.

Did I mention this Silver Fox was a GIFT????

I wish THIS Silver Fox had been a gift as well…


Heeeeeeey – it’s NOT so far-fetched….