Ice came down out of the trees by the bucket-loads today. And did not melt.


That’s NOT glass. It’s ice and it got worse. At times, it sounded like trees were falling.  And it’s not small chunks either.


I think we reached 35 degrees today. Not much better. We’re almost 30 degrees below normal for February. brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We even had snow flurries. It didn’t stick, but man, is it flipping frigid freaking cold!

Our yard looks like a war zone!





That’s not shrubbery. That’s branches from the top of the maple tree.

Tonight’s low – between 5 and 5 below. Tomorrow’s high will be 27. Schools are closed because it’s too dang cold!

In other news, my doctor read me the riot act. I have until April 22nd to lose SOME weight (I have gained back what I lost last summer) and keep it off and bring down my A1C and sugar average. I say the A1C IS down – from 10.6 to 9.3 and my average blood sugar has been below 200. But she wants more. It’s that or go on insulin. They’re worried about my kidneys. I’m being put on blood pressure meds – my BP isn’t horrible, BUT I have all the other symptoms of hyper tension as well as an addition blood sugar meds (I’m on Jenumet and going on glimeperide and crestor for my cholesterol and tri-glycerides. I’m adding Lipoic Acid to my vitamin regimen. Cokes, anything white – rice, pasta, potatoes, bread – are out of my diet. No more chocolate, pizza, anything fried, processed meat – meaning hot dogs, fast food…

I’m getting ready to bring cranky to a whole, new level. You say you’re moody, Mr. Armitage? I got your moody right here!!!

I’ve been told to walk regardless unless the weather is awful and then I’m supposed to find the nearest mall and just walk. which I’m all up for doing, except the transmission on my car went. Which ticks me off as I just sank over 500.00 into new motor mounts and having the transmission serviced not a week before. Getting a new transmission is out of the question, getting a used one is out of the question – no guarantee it will last 3 days – so mechanic is looking around for having it rebuilt.

Personally, I’d like to leave the thing somewhere thuggy and let them have at, but according to my insurance policy, I’m not covered for that either.


Oh and the Crucible isn’t playing in theaters in the US. Not that I could get to a theater if I wanted to.

The only thing I have to look forward in my life is my daily Gummy Vitamin. My existence if futile.