so we had ice last night. It started icing in the afternoon and I must say, I was very proud of my city FINALLY getting it right.

We all went home and closed down.


I must say, I find a strange beauty in ice. And it was right gorgeous around my house.


At 7:30, we lost power. It was out for 90 minutes. Towards the end of the power outage, we heard a nasty crack and several thuds. The house shook. It was late and we couldn’t see, but it was pretty obvious a big limb fell on the roof.

The power came back on about 10 pm, but I was done. I repowered up my computer battery reset clocks and charged my phone and kindle and went to bed.

During the night, we lost power again – for 5 hours. Thankfully, I had my flannel sheets, my heavy blanket and my big quilt on the bed, along with my flannel jammies and TWO pairs of socks. I didn’t notice.

We lost power again at 8:00 AM – for about a minute. And mom and I went outside to see what had fallen on the roof.


We think the huge branch on the ground and the one in the bushes hit the roof as well, but were knocked off when the 3rd one – which is still on the roof, hit.

SSPX0164 SSPX0163 SSPX0160 SSPX0159 SSPX0158

SSPX0157 SSPX0156 SSPX0155 SSPX0152

All of our trees have sustained damage – mostly the Red Maple and I fear we’ve lost it. My mom has wanted it to come down since we moved here, insisting it was DEAD, despite the fact it blooms every year. She’ll start pressing the landlady to take it down asap, I know my mom.

It was cold today – but warmed up just above freezing, so there was melting.

It’s supposed to get to 40 tomorrow and they say it will be very windy, so it will dry everything out tomorrow in time for Thursday…

when the HIGH will be 30.

I need to put on another pair of socks.

And yes, Dad went to the store and stocked up….