Yes she does. With (now over) 20,000 books on my PC Kindle it’s time I did something more than simply collect books. Or whatever it is electronic I’m collecting.

When I taught full time, I typically spent the summer recouping energy, taking classes to keep my certification up, and doing DIY projects around the house. Typically, that mean CLEANING, rearranging furniture and in one instance, painting a room and redecorating. Every three years however, I made it a point to have a reading summer – no classes, no serious cleaning/redecorating DIY projects, none of that.

The last reading summer I had was in 2009. I collected books (I have an impressive physical library as well as e-library) I wanted to read for months and stacked them next to my over-stuff chaise lounge chair in my sunroom. I miss that sunroom and that chair. It was my haven, my Zee-cave. But that summer, in 6 weeks, I read 32 books. I admit there were days the only reason there was food was because my son would bring it to me and set it down next to my chair. There were days I conveniently forgot to bathe. I knew it was bad when the cats would avoid me. I mean, really, when the cats avoid you, it’s bad. But it was awesome!

This year, I have decided to read a minimum of 50 books. For real. Somewhere I have a challenge of books and now I need to go find it. But I have begun. 50 books.

In January, I read:

The Spy who loved me The men with the Golden Cuffs THe Husband's secret god on a harley

Now I think those of you who know me won’t be surprised by the first 2. Nope. Zee likes her romance a little bit on the…. commanding side. DUH! I sped through this series before, not really taking time to enjoy it, but I am this time. With the brohaha over the movie release of 50 Shades of Shit, I need some quality BDSM with plot. Some quality lovin’, not abuse badly painted to resemble love.

The Husband’s Secret was a book selection for a book readers forum I’m on. No spoilers here, just a decent read.

I read God on a Harley years ago when it first came out. I had just been through an ugly divorce and was working 3 jobs to pay the bills my ex saddled me with when his rights were terminated. It was a fast weekend read during a photo shoot I was working and I didn’t have the funds to purchase it. When I DID have the funds, I couldn’t find it. Needless to say this December, I bought myself some overdue literary lovin’ for Christmas. This was one and it still resonated with me like it did 20 years ago.

Currently, I’m reading…

A dom is forever 3

Part 3. This one has an Irish accent. I’m deaded.

For February (and probably into March,) I have the following on my plate…

4 on her masters

This is part 4. She has one due out later this month and I’ve read the rest of these last month soooooo

(You know what I REALLY like about these? The women aren’t rugs and they are bodacious. Not a skinny one in the bunch! And no I’m not skinny-shaming, I’m simply tired of reading romances of any sort where the heroine is perfect, petite and slender!!! 18. Virginal. Please! A few of these women are divorced, have grown children, widowed.

The Red Dragon

Ahem. Yeah. Read through this one a while back. It was a quick scan read. Same circumstances as God on a Harley. For obvious reasons.

Graveyard Shift

The cover is cool and the synopsis hysterical. I’ll let you know.


This man does a LOT of historical… historical. I also want to say he did Sharpe’s Rifles – oh ye of Sean Bean fame. I have a load so I guess here I’ll start…

The Goldfinch

This was not only recommended in my reading forum  (The Goldfinch, for those who don’t recognize it) It was also recommended by someone else.

Whistles innocently.


This was another one of my Merry Christmas to me pressies. I’m simply curious as to what certain people have been doing with their professional lives and I hope we get to see this on the big screen some year. I’d like to read it first, however..

Of course, this is a big chunk and considering the amount I’m writing these days –  if you follow me on watty or Ao3 or Ffnet, in the next 2 months, it’s going to be a flood of output from me. Really –

Aside from Heaven

The Shepherd

(both Guy of Gisborne from the Manna universe)

A Wraith in the Mist – PJ didn’t tell us what happened to Tauriel. I fixed it for him.

Hers – Part 4 of His, Mine, and Ours (Rohirrim)

Raising Nemo – an Into the Storm fic. Gary Fuller. Empty Next. One abandoned puppy.

And I have a crap load of Uncle Thorin with Little Fi and Little Ki running around in my head.

Really. Who has time to work???

Oh. Need a fix… Happy Majestic Monday!



Yes it’s a selfie, but it’s a majestic selfie!