Thursday evening into Friday morning, Georgia experienced wet weather along with below freezing temperatures.

On Friday morning, there was a multi-car pile up on a major freeway going through Atlanta. And by multi-car – I’m talking two digits numbers. Black ice was blamed.

On my way into work, I passed THREE cars off the road. Thank you Jesus, they were one car accidents and all of them were basically spin outs that hit nada. There was one wreck – fender-vender. No injuries, except to bumpers.

All of these could be attributed to black ice.

It was the talk of the news radio networks all weekend. I listened to departments whine and fuss – well there wasn’t any salt down because we didn’t receive word from the weather service it was going to be a problem.

And one department was blaming another department. It was someone else’s fault.

And I was reminded why we were the laughing stock of the world last February when we had snow flakes and our infrastructure imploded on itself.

What has happened to our common sense? Must we rely on another ‘department’ to tell us what common sense should?

It RAINED on Thursday. Temperatures DROPPED below freezing Thursday night.

Me, with NO meteorological logic knows this means ice and common sense told me to leave early for the school and drive slowly and carefully, especially in curves where there were a lot of trees!

Is this so difficult?


Even Guy thinks we’re stupid.

That’s bad.