I get a phone call from the local elementary school – Pleeeeeeeeeeease come sub for us!!! We’re desperate! Take your pick!!!!

Wasn’t much of a pick – PreK Para, (herding kittens) SpecEd (herding kittens) and 1st grade (herding kittens.) I chose the older kittens.

I came home wearing a zillion stickies because I was told it looked like I ‘needed’ lots of purple sparkly hearts.

At the end of the day, as I was herding my kittens to the front, a little girl I had never seen before runs up to me, grabs my hand and says – I’ll walk with you. She was all pinked out – complete with pink glasses. After a little ways she says – I like you. You look nice.

now, I’ve not said a WORD to this child – just holding her hand so I asked her – what makes you think I’m nice? Her response…

Why, because you’re wearing glasses.

Can’t argue with that.