So word has come down that the Oscars do what the Oscars do –

Snub fantasy and nominate films I’ve NEVER heard of and NEVER seen. There appears to have been a nod to sound editing.

shhhhhhhhh 2

Nothing for make-up or acting and people, regardless of what you think of PJ’s efforts, I can name a LOT of members of that cast that acted their hearts out and made this old lady believe in Dwarves and Hobbits and Dragons!

So this is what I think of the Oscar Committee.


I’ve not watched the Oscars since RotK won everything how long ago.

Actually, the year after, I made an effort to be more cosmopolitan and rented all of the nominees for Best Picture, Best Director, Best actor, actress, supporting…


Really. that bad!


So that’s how I feel about the Oscars.

In other news –

I am subbing for 2 days.

I think animal husbandry. I think. Right now, they have mice in little balls running all over the floor and bunnies and a cockitiel that eats your earrings…

And turtles

And snakes.

And mice and rats and I’m sitting with my feet up….

God save me….