yes, friends, because you are. Really. How is your New Year treating you? Sadly, I’m crawling into my hidey hole until spring and staying there.

It is cold. It is not only cold, it is raining. And if it’s not raining, it is COLDER. I’m sorry, if it’s going to be cold AND rainy, I need someone warm to cuddle up with. Really.


Yes, I’ll START there.

erotic thorin



Last week, my father had a stroke. It was mild, he was lucky, HomeHealth just came by and said he’s doing great. The tests they ran on him in the hospital showed other things that MUST be addressed and this mini-stroke was a godsend and a heads up.

And I have had a serious sit down with The Almighty in attempted to deal with the half-hearted things I toy with in my life.

I HAVE to kick my Caffeine habit – those who know me, know my caffeine riddled preferred drink is Coca Cola. I have gained back 7 pounds of the 15 I lost, so this cold and wet is doubly irritating because my preferred exercise is walking on a paved grid with my MP3 player going full blast. There will be serious consequences I can’t afford if my A1C isn’t down in 3 weeks. That’s just how it is and a fact. I”m craving the cokes, I’m craving comfort food, I’m craving a lot of things and I’m down right irritable right now.

Actually, I”m feeling pretty dang nasty about certain subjects and staying quiet has worked so far. (that’s a fib. I’ve sputtered a few places, but I have not cut loose and let me guarantee-Β  you do NOT want that!)

In the meantime, I’m writing and writing lots. Expect the first in a series of Manna side ficlets to begin, in addition to a Gary Fuller piece of fluff, my Big Bang (Rohirrim) a Diary ficlet or two (more Rohirrim) and a new Dwalin ficlet. (Finally, someone will have the guts to tell Tauriel to shit or get off the pot!)

I need to take a closer look at my unupdated DOOM fic… as well as one other that appears, to all, to have been… well… abandoned. Sigh.

Dad had a stroke. It was minor. He spent three days in the hospital and tests show that the arthritis that is in every bone in hid body is causing the place where the spine and the skull join to be pressing on the nerves and if not dealt with in some manor, will cause paralysis. My body hurts just to think about it and I need to make some changes.

As you can see, I kinda want someone to come along and piss me off. So if one more person crosses my path, claiming Richard ‘needed help’ from a lesser actor with fewer well-established acting roles, to get a job – like Richard DOESN”T have a Agent or a PR team or you know, Thorin wasn’t a huge role, as John Proctor wasn’t huge, or North and South, and you know, his shot as Guy of Gisborne was sort of blink or you’ll miss him kind of role, or Lucas North or Porter anyone? If that keeps up? It’s gonna be bloody.


I think next time I’m in, I’ll ask for blood pressure meds.


Sigh. Heart Attack in my room. Stat.