Happy New Year!

It has rained here since the beginning, so so far, it’s been cold and wet. Not an auspicious start. I have a wretched feeling January and February are going to be dreadful.

I actually made resolutions this year. Every year, I do one; which is to weigh less or at least NOT more than I did on January 1st last year. 2014 was a good year for me diet-wise. 15 pounds off. I actually managed to make it to 18 or 20 pounds, but the holidays did me in. I do have to strive to do better this year. If it would STOP RAINING, I would go walk.

Sadly, two of my resolutions I made on the 31st have already been drop-kicked to the wayside.

a) Fewer coca-colas. And of course, my dad comes home with three 2 liter bottles and 4 cases. Why does he do this? Needless to say…. I’m scared to check my blood-sugar in the mornings. If it is in the house and opened, I must drink it. It will go flat, y’know.

b) I want to be less abrasive this year. Of course, then I go on a a forum where a woman asks for opinions and I gave mine. Another took offense and well… my sandpaper came out.  scritch scritch scritch scritch

I guess I could try again. Sigh.

In other news, I’m being inundated (and enjoying it) of everyone’s top 10 posts from last year. I got the email and it gave me 5. I went to the ‘stat site’ to get all 10 and all it says is – DON”T YOU LOVE THIS NEW SET UP? Go HERE to return to the ‘classic view’ of stats.

Which doesn’t tell me shit. Just – tell us why you prefer the classic view.

I’d go ask someone how to figure out how to get my top 10, but my last foray into the Help site was ugly and the thread was closed due to the idiocy and combativeness of the players. *whistles innocently*

Either way, according to the site generated whozits, my busiest time was later June, when The Crucible opened and I seem to be extra chatty on Tuesdays.  My most viewed entries were rather interesting. I’d like to think I’m a RA-centric blog, but apparently I’m not. Personally, I think there are enough people who blog strictly Richard and they do my work for me, me being such a lazy shit. But I thought my Richard-picture spamming would generate the most views – and in many cases, this is correct. Truth is, I really don’t know WHAT kind of blog this is…. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Suggestions and opinions would be most appreciated.

Suffice to say, I think my top 5 viewed posts (which is all I can manage to coerce out of WordPress) to be most telling. The first two were – what I thought – random posts. The middle one was a film review and the 4th and 5th were – well, me spanking the fandom for spanking the fandom.

Someone last week did a questionnaire about me and when asked what they associate with me, they came up with ‘fiery temperament.’

Which spawned the ‘less abrasive’ resolution, but I digress.

I take that back. Apparently, since I looked at this last night, my 5th has changed from me spanking the fandom to another film review.

My 5th most viewed blog entry was And the Fandom goes Apeshit again!


In which I rant about people reporting each other for things we all do. Can’t we just play nice? Obviously not.

This is in no way related to the I think you could do a better job at what you do rant.

In the last 24 hours, this post has been replaced by this one:

5) My problems with BotFA.


We are going to see it again, probably this weekend. And I’ll probably pick up more tidbits.

4) Remember when I said the original #5 was not related to “I think you’re doing a piss poor job at your job?” Well, guess what #4 was?


You got it.

I’m thinking, I should just post a language warning sticky on top of most things. Another resolution – not to swear so much. Dammit.

#3 Another film review.


We ended up seeing this several times in the theater. It was really a nice little summer flick. The more I see it, the more I like it.

#2 – Too many of friends were having a rough time this summer. So this was my WP hug.


and…. drumroll…

#1 – My most viewed blog entry had NOTHING to do with Richard or films or me ranting… it’s kinda unreal, tbh. It was weather-related.


Yeah, I’m shocked too.

Maybe I should just change over to weather related topics.

curlers gif

Nah. Guess not.

psst! I started on that jacket I’ve been in love with for 8 months…

knitting simple jackets

I have this problem with casting on really tight – actually I KNIT pretty tight and the instructions called for casting on LOOSELY. So after much thought, I casted on with size 15 needles. (1oMM) and knitting the body with the required size 8’s (5MM)

Also, seeing how I have a big butt, it’s going to be longer. The gauge calls for 24 inches from neck to bottom. I gauged for 30. It will go to the top of my thighs. The only worry will be the sleeves. It’s not being knitted top to bottom – or vice versa – but side to side.

Should be interesting.