things during the Christmas Season – The Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

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It’s impossible to get the entire sanctuary in the lens.

Many years ago, I dated a young man of the Catholic persuasion. (Contrary to belief, I am NOT Catholic. I currently attend a Southern Baptist Church, although I admittedly do not agree with some of their doctrine. I admit, I do agree with much of the Salvationist (Salvation Army) doctrine, although our family left the ministry due to their disbelief of the Gifts of the Spirit.)

But that’s another story. Either way, he took me to the midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed.

I’m rambling. I’ve watched too many movies today and began on that lovely jacket I’ve been pining over. I’m thinking after this,  I’ll take a shower and put on either the appendixes of DoS or find something else to watch while I knit some more.