not in a good mood.

I mean this is REALLY bad. Pissy shitty fucking damn it all kind of mood.

Thorin in the midst of Dragon-sickness would run like hell from my insane Southern sass and ass. And I’m done. So I’m going to say it like it is.

I won’t say I’m not taking sides, because I have and have been vocal at places. And I SOOOOO don’t care. No one is reading this anyway, because no one takes me seriously and no one thinks I have a brain in my head, anyhoo. Blah!


I don't like you

When I was a young girl, growing up, I realized that there were children I did not want to play with on the playground. I just didn’t. For various reasons; I didn’t like how they talked or how they looked at me. I didn’t like how they related to others, to me. And there were children who didn’t want to play with me on the playground for the same reasons. So we didn’t play with each other. We did not sit around the camp fire and sing Kum Bah Yah.

When I reached High School, I knew there were people I did NOT want to share a locker with, didn’t want to sit at the lunch table with, did not want to study with because I didn’t like their attitude or their personality or they way the talked to people. By the same token, there were people who didn’t want to eat lunch with me, share my locker, I REALLY didn’t want them in the car with me when I was taking Driver’s Ed.

By the time I reached college, I had come to the conclusion that there were people in this world, I could not please and absolutely did not like. I didn’t want to hang with them, sleep with them, discuss politics with them, or even study with them. And vice versa. I don’t care. I simply went into a practice room and did my thing.

But due to the VERY NATURE of my major in college – a performing art – I learned that when someone I couldn’t stand and personally would not spit on if they ran by me on fire, criticized my performance, the LEAST I could do was thank them for taking time to tell me their opinion and then actually – once the steam stopped coming out of my ears – listen again to my performance in the privacy of a practice room and typically armed with a tape recorder and decide if their criticism had merit and if there was the slightest chance that the criticism the little panty wipe I personally couldn’t stand had even the slightest hint of truth in it, I hauled my shit down to my piano professor and asked him.

And I accepted it for what it was. Or was not.

Unfortunately in today’s society, many are under the belief system that no one has the right to criticize us. How dare you? Even if one isn’t doing their job right in our esteemed opinion, we all must tell them they are wonderful, because how dare anyone burst one’s little bubble. It will hurt their widdle ego. Everyone must accept everyone, warts and all and sit around the campfire and sing Kum Bah Yah, even if you cannot carry a tune in a bucket.

What utter hogwash.  Especially if your ‘job’ deals with the teeming, unwashed masses online or off. And if your off-tune singing is knocking the rest of us off kilter.

I have been involved in various fandoms for 12 years. Policing of the fandom (telling them how to behave)  has been around since I can remember – in as much as fans telling other fans what to think and how to act. I know a few of you know who the Macey Twins are. (They will make you throw up!) So trust me when I say, policing a fandom harms and can destroy a fandom faster then a few bad performances and the perceived lousy public behavior of said celebrity.

In past years, I’ve been told I’m not a good fan because, I did not accept that the ‘big name fan’ was ‘the big fish in the little pond.’


I’ve been told I’m not a good fan because I write fanfiction. And I don’t even write RP fanfiction. I only write fake people.

But way-hey!

I’ve been told I’m a bad fan because I don’t like slash fanfiction. I’m a bad fan because I write het. Exclusively. Fake person all the fake fucking time.

I’ve been told recently in a specific fandom that I’m not a ‘good fan’ because some people truly believe there is only One Ship sailing this ocean and as I have not openly embraced and thrown my support whole-heartedly for this leaky dinghy, (Because it’s no one’s business and yes, it leaks like a cheese grater) that I am delusional. And a bad fan.

I have been told I am a bad fan because I’m Conservative. And that is why the Crucible is not showing the US. Not because another producer holds the rights to it, but because of all us dumb ignorant Republicans are too stupid to have nice things. It’s the Conservatives fault. Just like everything is.

Wah. Pass the tissues.

I’m a bad fan because apparently I’m Catholic. I’m still trying to figure that out as I currently attend a Southern Baptist Church, was raised a Salvationist, come from a long, long line of Salvation Army Officers/ministers, have wrung more bells for that Red kettle at Christmas  (and counted out a few as well) worked the food bank many years. Shoot! I was the church (Salvation Army and for a few years, Assembly of God) pianist for years – starting at age 10! I can count on both hands how many times I’ve attended a Catholic Mass. When I was in High School, a group of us snuck out a few times during Sunday Evening service and snagged someone’s car to go to St. Cecilia’s 6 PM Sunday Mass because they were FULL GOSPEL and let me tell you those people could raise the roof! A former boyfriend was Catholic. He took me to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. It was one of the loveliest services I have ever attended. That does not make me Catholic.

I was told by another ‘fan’ a year ago that because I actually liked PJ’s vision of Tolkien’s world, for the most part, obviously I rode the Speschul Bus to school.

So, my point? My point is this…

Not everyone is going to like you. Not every one is going to agree with you. Not everyone is going to sit around the campfire and sing Kum Ba Yah with you. And if you’re not a big enough person to accept that and you don’t have your Big Girl Panties  or Your Big Boy Boxers on, well… maybe you either need to develop a thicker hide or consider a different field.

Or perhaps, you could do a little soul searching. Why does so and so think I’m not doing a good job? Does their complaint have merit? Should I act on this complaint or should I just move on?

Do I REALLY need someone to go into Protection mode for me? Am I not a big enough person to accept not everyone wants to sit at the lunch table with me or sit around the campfire and sing Kum Ba Yah with me?

Because trust me, Sugar, not everyone is going to blow sunshine up your ass. Although it feels good. And I admit I’ve been known to bitch slap anon haters.

Yes, some people over-analyze. Yes, some people go on and on and on and on like a bad case of Diarrhea. (points to self)

So… stop it. Just stop it and eat your holiday candy.

Because I’m willing to bet if YOU don’t eat your holiday candy, Richard will sneak up behind you and eat it.

I’ll be completely honest, truly BAD fans disappear in time. Ignore them. Blacklist them. I have more people and tags blacklisted, not because I’m a bad fan or have a thin skin, but because there just isn’t enough time in the day to scroll through that shit.  But if someone actually says – you know, I have a PROBLEM with this… listen.

You might learn something. No one is responsible for anyone’s behavior but you for YOUR behavior. Put on your Big Girl Panties/Big Boy Boxers and accept that not everyone want to sing with you!

Now that I have meandered aimlessly, I’m going to find something to do. Stop spanking the fandom because they won’t sing around the campfire with you and don’t think you hung the moon. And don’t spank me. Unless you’re Richard. Richard can spank me.  *looks around* I have a feather flogger somewhere…

Have my tea