So last night, Spawn and I – and my POP!Thorin – went to see BOTFA. I loved it – it was awesome. We WILL see it again in the theater. Let’s hope it stays longer than 2 weeks.

However, I have more problems with this film than ANY of the ones before.

This film WAS Richard’s spotlight and triumph. Don’t get me wrong. He was pure genius! My respect for his talent and ability grew by leaps and bounds, as if that was possible. I was blown away by the sheer range of going from one extreme to the other. Martin Freeman was amazing and trust me, I embarrassed my son when he began to keen over Thorin, because I joined him. I used some tissues last night!

However, there were issues I had WITH the film and I blame the screen writers and the editors.

  1. Fili. I am not the only one to complain about this and this is a problem I’ve had with the entire franchise. Yes, Kili is cute, and he’s in love with an elf, and yes all the young girls – and a few older ones – would like to take him home, but Fili is the elder and the heir and needed MORE character development than to stand around and watch. As with others, I found his death to be nothing more than a vehicle to enrage Kili and Thorin. How did he get captured? Please!
  2. Did the Dwarves STOP speaking? To the best of my recollection, with the exception of Dwalin, Kili, and Balin – those boys lost their tongues and voices! They had no dialogue after they got off the boat. PJ! You spent 2 movies making us love these guys and then… nada? Nothing? HELLO??? Their beloved King has slipped into madness – I THINK they’d have something to say! Even if it was out of his earshot!
  3. Beorn – If I have blinked, I would have missed him. Last I saw, he was dive-bombed into the teaming masses, turned into a bear and then…. hello?
  4. Dain Ironfoot – We need MORE Dain. Really. When I think of DWARVES, I think of how Dain was written. We needed MORE.
  5. Having Tea in the middle of battle – In the Extended portion of DoS and as well as in this one – it’s the middle of fricking WAR and Thorin stops and has tea and crumpets with either his dad or in this case – Dain. Hey Dain, how ya doin’ how are the wife and kids, did you get my Christmas nuts last year? How many kids to you have now? How’s the wife? Great – we’ll have to get together when this little shin-dig is over. Ah man another orc – talk to you later! Are you serious?
  6. Stills not in the movie – Why am I seeing stills from the Durins burial? Did I miss it? We stayed until the end of the closing credits… Speaking of the closing credits-
  7. Bain, but not the girls? – Why did Bain get a drawn picture in the closing credits, but neither one of his sisters – Jimmy Nesbit’s girls?
  8. And last – for now – we needed the extended to this in the theater. – We did. Too much was taken out.

Again, I LOVED the movie and will go back again to see it on the big screen. It really hit me when the closing credits began that this IS the last one. I don’t see anyone doing the Sil while Christopher is alive and I’m willing to bet donuts to dollars that whoever he leaves in charge of the Estate, will be just as hard-nosed. Or I should say, I won’t be SURPRISED that whoever is left in charge is equally hard-nosed.

Richard was amazing. Yet again, PJ has introduced this little sheltered human being to a taste of new talent, people to go look for. Richard was…. gah! Martin, James Nesbitt, Graham, Dean, Aidan… I’m looking forward to looking for them in other things.

However, I am sad to say, my lovely little POP!Thorout was devastated by the outcome of the movie. (I don’t think he read the book.)

I will have war

WHAT? WTF was I thinking???