my electronics hate me.

I mean really. They hate me. Have it out for me. Live to make my life miserable.

Francesco Guidicini The Sunday Times

not THAT kind of miserable…


sigh. Really. I mean MISERABLE!!!


You’re incorrigible, you know that?

aw stop it

My phone – which I’ve had maybe 6 months, crapped out on me Sunday.


I have things to do and plan and it crapped out and I can’t get to my phone numbers, messages, pictures. It sucks.

I bought a cheap ass one – I had buckies left on a gift card – and of course when I go to swap it, Virgin Mobile locks my account for some unknown reason. Said my password was wrong. How can my password be wrong when I’ve been using it almost daily for voice mail and shit???? And rather than grant my request for a new password they lock my account????

i can't

Me neither.



you will be punished


We're having sex