The brownish purpleish suit…. in France????

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I liked it. It NEEDS a belt, I guess in making sure he packed his bright and colorful socks, he kinda forgot to pack his belt.

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God love this man!

In other news, while resurfing DOS extended on Amazon (nope) I found a used copy of Urban and the Shed Crew. There’s a paperback copy for 800.00 – ink must be gold, I dunno, but I got mine for 98 cents. Of course, Shipping and handling is 4 bucks and they’re sending it Dachsund Express (where they tape it to the back of a dachsund and dangle a weenie in front of him and let him go) because it’s not scheduled to get here until middle of next month – which is way to long for the US. Must be Media Mail!!! I hope it’s in one piece.

And I bought myself Into the Storm for my birthday!!!! Birthday was actually pretty good. Spawn took me out for Chinese, gave me a new mouse pad – Thorin holding the key to my heart! And another friend gave me 72 pairs of knitting needles (yesssss…. 72 PAIRS! I have 1 to 2 each of every size in long, 9 inches, regular circular and SHORT circular. No double endeds tho, I can cope with that.) and a few other dandy things. All in all, despite the inability to find my DoS DVD, a good day!