I’m known for my bluntness, my irascibility and my… well, let’s just say, you know exactly where I stand.


I don’t like the DaMan shoot. I’ve not seen anything I like. I don’t like the velvet suit, I don’t like crappy creased suit, I don’t like the jeans where someone put a thumbsized roll in the front of the hem, I DO NOT LIKE THE NO SOCKS with the loafers.

I don’t.


I would like very much to smack the stylist.

hmmmm yesssss

and Richard for putting up with that crap!

curlers gif

you will be punished

Just. Ew.


That’s not ew. That’s ….


Stop that!


That’s another thing! They photoshopped OUT all of those lovely character lines and crinkles!!! He’s forty-frickin’ three years old!!! Those crinkles were hard won and earned!!!!

I want to see some silver, by God!

But this set of pictures – while I am ALL for new pictures of Dah Presschioush,

don't talk about the speedos

sigh. Are we BACK to that???


You slay me, you goofball! Grow your hair out some.

oy vey

Okay, a lot.

Back to voting. After being locked out for 12 hours, I’m looking at the last 90 minutes down a full percentage point. Get your Richie on people. Go vote.