This is a wonderful gift!

Guylty Pleasure

Hi everyone,

one of my shrine fairies has asked me to bring attention to a gift idea for Richard. Here it comes:

A few members of the page ‘Richard’s Rascals – The Armitage Effect’ have come up with an idea for a secret Christmas present for Richard Armitage, and we’d like to invite all to be part of it.

Image MeleBrown and LindenG Click for source

Richard has said in interviews that he’d rather his well-wishers give to charity rather than buy him gifts. So, for those fans who would like to participate, we’d love them to join us from Friday November 28th (9pm UK time) and send a flurry of donations to Richard’s chosen charities through Just Giving.
We would then love for people to post a message on Twitter (for those who have an account).

As well as supporting some wonderful organisations, it will also be a way…

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