No. I am furious.

This should not shock people, I am a spectacularly crabby person on a good day. I spit fire and razor blades and a variety of stupid topics are likely to set me off – mostly these days, the fact The Crucible will not be shown in the US yet my email and my Twitter is afire from stuff from the Ol’ Vic and Digital Downloads to hurry up and buy my tickets to see it in the theater. Send me the fundage to fly where and I will, asshats. but that’s not why I’m furious.

That just makes me angry. perturbed. Pissed off.  I want to find the person who did this and string them up by their girly bits and boy bits on electrical wire. Really.

Last Tuesday was THE coldest night of the year. 20’s with windchill of 10. The wind would cut through you. Yes, we did not have have the snows that have crippled New England and the Great Lakes, but for Georgia, this was bad. Really bad.

Some numb nut abandoned a baby kitten in our yard about 9 PM. She immediately ran up under our storage building and cried and we couldn’t get her out. I didn’t want to leave her out and did everything I could to tempt her out so we could at least see what condition she was in. I left food and water, which she ate.

We finally coaxed her out the next night. It was obvious she was injured or something had gotten ahold of her rear end. She was limping and her tail was a mess. All I had was leftover stew, so she dined on bits of beefs and carrots and chicken broth – warmed up. Friday, she finally trusted me enough to come close. Beautiful grey. MAYBE 4 months old – between 3 and 4 months old. We brought her in for the night – kept her in the bathroom. I bought cat food and she has eaten like a pig. She knows and does use the litter box. She goes out during the day, but comes to me the minute the sun goes down.

She is frightened of the toilet and of the thunderstorms we have had today and hides under the towel rack. If she’s not under the rack, she is on top of the towels, in front of the heater for some odd reason. She has let us clip her nails and inspect her tail (yes, she is a girl.)

Some bastard set her tail on FIRE! She will probably lose it – the last 2 inches of it. I have called every animal shelter in NE Georgia – they want healthy kitties and a kitty that needs medical attention isn’t considered.

I am asking everyone I know to ask around. She is loving and affectionate – which is shocking, considering what she’s obviously been through . My niece is here for a few days and she’ll whine to her mother – except they have 5 cats already – and will play with her all week. She’s not limping as bad as she was on Thursday night. And no, I can’t keep her. The landlady won’t let us.  I have 2 kitties at a friend’s and she has told us we must find another place to keep them come the New Year. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Who could do such a horrible thing to a BABY??? I’d like to set their ass on fire!!!! SSPX02771