is cold.

Although not as cold as it was. Still, the weather is NOT what it was and I see the installation of my flannel sheets this weekend, if not sooner as it appears I will have a lot of free time the next few days.

My one week sub job is now at 3 weeks. This means see BotFA will not be such a difficult stretch whoot and Spawn and I might have a bit of Christmas Cheer. (not the alcoholic kind.)

however, such ungodly low temperatures have caused me to be quite the Cranky Biscuit.

I’m infuriated over KiwiGate. No, sending our Kiwi Dwarves to LA is NOT the right answer. One Premier to Bring them All. One Premiere to Bind them.

My house. Bring them to My house. I MIGHT be appeased.

I was also content to download The Crucible to my computer to watch., I really was. And then they announced that it would be released for a limited time in theaters and of course one of those dates is my birthday! So I had such high hopes.


Oh yes VERY high hopes…

Only to see them cruelly dashed because I live in ‘Merica and for some odd reason, we don’t count and will not be included.

And that hurt my feelings and now seeing it on my itty bitty 13 inch computer screen IF I can ever get my comptuer to go online again, doesn’t seem so gleamy bright.

We will not do anything more than a cursory mention of – Confession-gate.

That’s it. The mention. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Also, my computer reached critical mass last night. In July, I was hit with the mother of all viruses and while I THOUGHT I had gotten rid of it, I have had a computer that moves slower and slower – slower than dial up even. Really, I ask it to do something and then go bake a cake while it thinks about it. Shockflash crashes every 10 minutes and God forbid I want to plant something on Frontierville or create crystals and beat up GloomRats in Castleville.

No, gloom rats are not nice rats. Neither are Gloom Wolves, Gloom orcs, Gloom Trolls, Gloom bears or God help us all, Gloom Alligators. They must die.  They cannot be rehabilitated They are like spiders. Napalm. Get out the Napalm.

Slowness, I could cope with. Yesterday however, the thing decided that the family Wifi network was an ‘unidentified network’ and refused to go online. Apparently it thinks the WIFI network has an STD or something.

I cannot tolerate this show of disobedience.


Yes, I will have War.

So it goes into the shop this afternoon, and I will be a dangly ends until it comes home and acts properly. I see a reformat in my future. So not fun.

And of course, the Muse, which decided I needed a break this weekend, has come stumbling out of the bedroom, wearing nary but stubble and mussed hair. And wanting to speak.

We're having sex

So I will be at loose ends for several days. My room might get cleaned to my mother’s specifications.

God help us all.


no son. I think you’re as messy as I am. Cluttered. I should say…. cluttered. I typically have music and books and what not scattered. Right now… it’s knit and yarn…

knitting simple jackets

Yes, when the sad, pathetic excuses of Christmas gifts are finished, I am starting on THAT!!!! (For those interested – Glitteratzi. color 007 – the dark grey with color bits.)

Oh. Puppy eyes people. I need Puppy eyes…


Smolder, to heat this place up???



more more I’m still not satisfied…