It is cold here in Georgia!


In case you didn’t see the small print…


Excuse me but who dafuque left the freezer open???

cold 01

My sister – in NW Georgia – said they had snow flurries last night. The HS where I’ve been subbing at band is going to Chattanooga Tennessee today for a band competition. They’ve been told to dress warmly beneath those wooly uniforms. During the awards ceremony – outside  – it is expected to snow.

cold 02

And this, people!!!


Oh – that special weather Statement? You guys have a freeze warning and a wind advisory….

So much for getting a new starter today.  Little bro was going to install it. Not now! Tooooo cold! I suppose I should at least put on a hat!


I need a snuggle hug…


And a warm body to snuggle up with!


Well, the temperature just rose here 100 degrees….