Brag. I mean it’s one thing to be happy I finished a silly little beanie with a funky pointed top that needs… well squigglies or charms… and I’m proud of myself, so don’t get me wrong…

But I cross stitch – and my backs are frame worthy.

Behold – for those of you who’ve read my silly Rohirrim fics, this was the piece that inspired Aefre’s wedding gown. It’s not done. My eyes are getting bad and the thing is done on 28 count (that would be 28 threads per square inch) and my light magnifying lamp needs a bulb. Stupid thing, but I’m getting to a point where a small lamp with no shade between the feet is necessary as well. If I had an entire weekend with nothing to do, no one to bother me… I could finish this..


The city on the hill (Edoras, in my mind) isn’t done (It’s only 3 shades of brown.) her shoe, some beading in her hair, the outlining on her face and her underdress (which, btw is 17 different shades of blue and blended needle blue) Oh and the one spot of her purple overdress.  But you get the gist.

This is the back…


and close up sections (I hope these pictures stay large. Sometimes they do, sometimes, they don’t…



This is intricate. so I REALLY need to get awesome at knitting and crocheting. Really.