a rainy, dreary day in Georgia. Very rainy. Very dreary. I’ve drank a lot of tea and finished a book – The Ark, by Boyd Morrison.

I started a new ski cap – it will match my fingerless opera gloves. At my knit group tomorrow, I will move the blue-grey one I’m doing over from the circular needles to the double ended needles. And when I finish both hats, I’ll make a gray one to match the wristers I’ve made my sister for Christmas.

I finally caught up on Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod, you are hawt hawt hawt – NOT as Hawt as Richard, but damn Tom, you are…. we must have a chat with England. The best thing they have done for the world is the export of these gorgeous, intellectual, dark haired, light -eyed men they’ve been tossing our way.

I have quite a bit of busy work lined up for the next 3 weeks. It’s not much of a paycheck, but it will be enough to pay the bills, pay what I still owe on my car and have some left over. Yarn. I love yarn anymore. I told my son I want a yarn bowl for my birthday or Christmas. And I want yarn. And needles. The busy work means I can write. Manna is on the final part of the back stretch and then there are plans to convert it into something original.

And I have my Big Bang to work on as well. I’m hoping both will be completed by end November. And I have a sweet Gary Fuller bunny nibbling on my toes. And then… convert Manna and see what happens.

Oh. And I started watching North and South. Just finished up Episode 1. Going off to pick up pizza. And then Episode 2.

Oh. Must have picture of Richard. Must.


That makes me feel good.