yep! I am Officially deRAnged!

Guylty Pleasure

ETA: Ok, as there is objection to the wording, how about the poll as it is down there is first of all only a way of determining the DESIGN of the badge? Vote again if that changes your opinion. Wording to be decided later.
And as for text – if we need a new adjective as an alternative to deRAnged, then you can find inspiration here. If possible not too many letters otherwise the word will not fit on the badge. (Looking at small badges 25mm size here – I am not really keen on wearing a saucer-size rosetta on my boob 😉 as much as I want to meet my fellow well-wishers…)

Day 1 of the new era. After checking last night’s SD outfit and replying to all blog comments I was at a serious loose end.

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