on the other side of town tomorrow just after lunch and the parental units are squiring me yet again, so Spawn will have the free use of MY set of wheels – which he always does anyhoo, sometimes I wonder if I can remember HOW to drive, but either way, we set off for a shopping spree for panty hose today… I’m easy to please – nude. I need nude pantyhose or beige or suntain if they don’t have nude but ALL they have in my size is navy blue, grey, or some disgusting shade of not-really-black.




After fussing at the rack for far too long, Spawn grabs me by the elbow, because obviously, I’m embarrassing him, and says – I’ve got an idea….


Look what my 6 foot baby bought his mama….




Yes, They are green!



really they are neon teal!



They look swollen, but they aren’t.


I rather like it!