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for a second time! Enjoyed it more, truth be told and I enjoyed it the first time. I really focused on the Fuller family relationship – sorry, I WANT to refer to them as ‘Morris’ really bad – dynamics and it was SO well played! I relate to Gary, not only because I’m a teacher, but the single parent factor as well. Luckily for me, Spawn and I didn’t go through the ‘I know everything and I just hate my mom‘ period and due to reasons, we didn’t have to deal with my ex husband or memories of my ex and his family, which made things healthier.


All in all, an enjoyable movie and I hope we can hit it a third time… maybe at the dollar theater in a few weeks and we’ll DEFINITELY own the dvd!


Oh and yeah, POP!Thorin was very happy to go again!



That man looks familiar. Why do I have to sit in this silly round seat?


And this time, I bowed to His Sexiness’s desire




He’s easy to please!


And then when we left, I went into multiple orgasm…



Our perfect day came to a crashing halt when we discovered that Robin Williams had passed away. I am deeply grieving. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Such a tragedy.