Event. Tomorrow. 3 hours south, being squired by male parental unit as Spawn has to work and a) Old Faithful has no AC and b) Old Faithful isn’t being very faithful these days. Just old. And crabby. We are now down to the wire and I’m grasping at straws.

In an attempt to shake things up out of the doldrums, it was decided I needed a new ‘event’ outfit and we found several at the lovely little consignment shop down the street. So now I’m in a predicament.

What to wear…

I am old school and dress or business suit is my typical go to. So I have this…


Which is lovely but it is a) snug in the rib cage and looks like something I would wear when I performed, conducted, or accompanied soloists or


Which is STILL dressy and rather comfortable. Please note even though you can’t see it, the pants are accordion pleated and VERY dressy!!!

Both tops are just as low – it’s just the shape. Both outfits are also one size smaller than what I’ve been wearing the last 3 years. I’m VERY ecstatic about that!!! (OF course, I’d have to lose 50 pounds in order for anyone to tell!)

But I’m leaning towards the pants, even tho the old lady in me says the dress….




and just cuz…