Really! I’m in a pickle!

2 days ago, I got hit by adware – Saverad, which I’m sure most of you know about – that annoying little thing that highlights words in your email, webpages, etc and if you hover over it, it gives you links for things and places you don’t want to go. How it managed to bypass my adblock, I’ll never know. Oh and it changes your home page to something you don’t want. Ads. Seeing how I’ve not downloaded anything in several weeks, I’m rather irritated this has happened. So I go to my control panel and sure enough, they’ve downloaded this thing in the last hour or so and I delete it, which usually fixes the problem when they’ve done this in the past.

It doesn’t go away on my internet.

So I do an internet search, discover that sometimes this is imbedded elsewhere and is difficult to remove, there’s a list of things to do to remove it, so I download malwarebytes and another virus piece of software and run it all.


I finally said – enough! And back dated my computer 2 days.

YAY! No more Saverad! Except, it removed my adblock plus for Mozilla and now I have ads up the whaszoo again. I tried many times to redownload Adblock plus. The page spins and spins. I did a google search, accessed the adb lock page from another venue, it downloads – but won’t finish. I download ANOTHER adblocker – which blocks SOME things, but not the ads in my Yahoo or my FB, to name a few. I come to the conclusion it’s the Avira and it’s not allowing me to tweak it for some odd reason. So I decide to remove the Avira, remove the Mozilla and reload. Did all that. Relog back on last night and IE won’t open. Meaning Zee has no internet. I backdate computer again to before this nasty little thing hit. No banana, although the icon for Mozzila is back, but it won’t open either. Tells me something is missing. Joy. At all. It’s late, I say I’m tired, turn it off, go to bed.

So this morning I log back on – no internet. IE will not load. no internet. thing is, my little Internet bar is full, several programs I run that need the internet to run are running, so I figure – you know, something is simply blocking my accessing the internet because my computer has accessed the internet. Hmmmm…

I then remember I have Sir Guy’s guts – including the IE, Mozilla and CHrome downloads. I plug them in, go to the Mozilla folder and click.

Joila. Back online, with my adblocker intact. And all my bookmarks that I lost in that last escapade…

And somehow I managed to do it without pestering my darling Alaskan computer whiz, which I know he appreciates because I tend to call him whining at the most ungodly hours.. Of course, this just might be a temporary solution. Wonder if I could POSSIBLY copy or overwrite the Mozilla folder to my harddrive so I don’t have to go through this every time…


Oh and just cuz it’s Guy Day…





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