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This is my month of standing ovations, first Skylight and now Yaël Farber’s Crucible.  As anyone who attends the theatre in London will know (as oppose to our US cousins who are more effusive in their theatre appreciation), standing ovations are as rare as hen’s teeth in these parts of the world.  We reserve those for the truly worthy productions.  And, this Crucible is a truly worthy recipient.

The Crucible - Richard Armitage The Crucible – Richard Armitage

Since it’s first production in 1953, The Crucible has continued to resonate with relevance for so many people across the world.  As I watched this spellbinding production, I was reminded of the devastating judgement handed out to the three al-Jazeera journalists only this week and the impact for Egypt’s civil society and future.

Arthur Miller’s play details the 1692 witch trials and hangings in Salem but the play incubated during Senator McCarthy’s work on the House…

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