Well shuckie darn did I need THIS to pull me from my doldrums!!!

Guylty Pleasure

With some distressing personal news, a new diet starting and a challenging piece of work on my desk, I badly need some distraction today. I usually get my daily mood boost from a little Harry Kennedy love (sorry Guy, but when I’m already angsty, I cannot take any more angst. You are still my go-to boost for the hours when daylight has vanished!), but Youtube seems to have done a bit of tidying up in the run-up to the launch of its paid music streaming service. Yeah, yeah, the online journo is never far behind when writing on the internet… sorry.

No Harry. Second best thing? RA blogging. I’ve got material to show – four RAPSis and a full-blown RAPS are waiting to be presented. Oh, but which one to choose? I think I need some shock therapy, so here are some After-Therapy-Mints…

RAPS (17 of 41)

Well, what do you think Paul Andrews…

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