I am struck with the reason why I named you ‘Christine’ back in 2010 when I got you. 


You are a possessed, evil thing. One that I will have a difficult time getting rid of, I’m sure. 


Not content to be a pain in my butt, you must also drain my lowly, meager bank account dry. You are worse than my lungs and that’s saying something. You have caused me to be trapped in a cheap motel room with my son who, by the way, has the nastiest farts in the solar system. He did not get that from me!



You have caused me to call in every favor and future favor I have. 


You made me call Daddy and I don’t like that. At all. 




Even worse, I’m so close to the beach, I can smell it but it’s still too far away to get to. That’s just cruel. Meaning you are an evil bitch. 


Devil child devil child. 


Grrrrrr….. I need one of these… 





with the gun, please, to shoot yo rickety ass.  And one of these… 




okay more than few of those. For me!


and lottsa this… 



I am going back to bed with my kindle. At least I brought chargers for it and my phone, just in fricking case!!!