Last night… we met and it was love at first sight.

Last night…  we talked about subjects and laughed and found we had so much in common. 
Last night… we went to a play and listened to the music. And enjoyed it, because we were together 
Last night… you held me close and I could smell you, smell the scent of your cologne
and you were irresistible. 
Last night,… you held me close and I could feel the quiet, patient strength of your embrace… the power of your chest
and when you kissed me, your lips on mine were sweet as honey. Your tongue was persuasive and coaxing.
And we made plans for somewhere quieter. 
and then I woke up. 
And I could still feel you holding me close
I could still smell you 
I could still feel your breath on my ear, whispering – let’s go somewhere else…quieter.
And I could still taste you in my mouth. 
And people wonder, why I hate the day.