it is I download an application to make my life easier, it downloads CRAP I specifically stated I did not want? 


Earlier this week, I received notice the program I use to convert video into mp3 had an update and I needed to update. No problemo 


However, it downloaded stuff I do not like, said I didn’t want and it downloaded it ANYWAY – which set my Kapernesky off. Bing! It downloaded effing BING – which changed my Chrome and Firefox pages to showing thumbnails of the sites I use religiously – one click, that’s all – to effing ads I’m not interested in! 


No. My PC wasn’t running slow until Bing took it over… 


That damn ‘update’ downloaded 13 programs PLUS Bing – Bing sucks ass people, have I said that yet? If you know anyone who works for or developed Bing – you suck! I’m telling you! – and it took HOURS to remove it all and get my webpages looking normal again. 


I had better things to do than eff with my computer for HOURS to fix it! 


And then… oh now I’m wound up! – THEN it seems another program HID itself and this morning booted its happy self up and downloaded MORE crap that took me 45 minutes to undo. 


You’d think that’d be all the story wrote – eh? Nope. 


I have a LOT of lovely knitting books – well, I THINK they might be lovely, one wouldn’t KNOW because they are in DJVU files. Why? Why on EARTH would someone do that – I decided to find a free program… 


You’d think I’d learn. You know why it’s free???? 


I trust Cnet. I do. They tell you up front – there will be offers along with the free download. So I’m VERY careful and click NO NO NO NO NO NO NO OHHELLNO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO 


And I still get 7 additional things along with the free DJVU reader. (and so far the knit stuff HAS been very pretty – just in Japanese.) And of course I have to fill out the questionnaires that come with the uninstall process.


Because I didn’t ask for it.


Because Bing SUCKS ASS


I have no idea what Virtual Ufox is and I don’t need it. 

Because I have virus and malware that I PAY for – I do NOT need PC Security. Actually, the fact a so-called ‘security app’ downloaded itself after I expressly said NO I DO NOT WANT IT!!! Means it’s the FIRST thing that is coming off! 


Oh – and whose bright idea was it to create a program that high-lights and underlines random words on web pages and your emails so that when your cursor rolls over it, it automatically pulls up webpages with that word in it??? That’s EFFING ANNOYING! More annoying than Bing


And Bing sucks ass!!! 


I’m very unhappy. 




okay, now I’m a littler happier.