Honestly, I have better things to do with my time and money. *coughcoughcoughrichard*




However, I jump in the car to run quickly to the grocery store (because mom’s on her way home from the hospital and I need to stock up on chicken noodle soup and crackers!) and my car WON”T TURN LEFT!!! 


And turning right is a serious arm work out. 


At first I prayed I was low on transmission fluid (because the car is old and everything runs on transmission fluid and it does get tight when low.) Except I popped the hood and saw I had another problem. 


The serpentine belt isn’t attached to anything – just flopping about. Now I had this bad boy and the ENTIRE mechanism replace in August of 2012. I was doing 90 down the highway when it did that and I cruised for 9 miles!!! 


Either way I text my peeps and whine and my sister texts back – How do you know it’s the serpentine belt and how do you know it’s off?


Now granted, I am no mechanic but… I do believe I can tell THEFLIPPINBELTISOFF!!!! 




*grumbles* hope this repair is CHEAP!