Right this minute, everything hurts. I walked this morning – that normally means i’m sweaty and my legs hurt (uhm… 3 miles in under an hour) but this time my feet are swollen and very dry. I’ve done the moisturizing thing on them (pretended it was a sassy, sexy knight with a foot fetish doing them!) 




It’s my fantasy, k???? 


But dang are they swollen and I’m not in the mood to fill out any more applications, but I HAVE to. 


have to. 


I need something to motivate me…





Look, all he’s missing is the shining armor, except we all know a knight in shining armor is a man who hasn’t had his mettle tested. 




I think he’s had his mettle tested and forged… 


Why did I start this post anyway??? Oh yeah… I’m whining. 




Oh look! Guy!!! 




Back to the trenches for me…