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Guylty Pleasure

Yes, it’s me again. But before you roll your eyes because you are sick and tired of me, here’s the important bit: LINK to my tumblr blogiversary post which, if reblogged and liked, could win you a RAPS. So hear me out and see what is on offer today:  There is a new boy on the block. And a bad boy, too, but soooo irresistable.

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Ok, he comes across a bit harmless on the outside, I admit, but… Mulligan is a tricky chaRActer. It’s up for discussion whether he *really* loves Ellie or whether he just plays the Lothario in order to misuse her as a drugs mule. Guylty has the rose-tinted glasses firmly on her nose, and therefore opts to make Mulligan an honest lover if dishonest drug dealer.

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I guess I’d be easy prey to his smooth tongue *snorts*. And yes, you can take that whichever…

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