or have, for that matter…


I am staying away from Tumblr for a while. Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of the children running around loose and unsupervised. I’m not your mama, but I know if I don’t hold my tongue and swat someone, it’s going to hurt and the melt-down will be tremendous.


I’m tired of ‘fans’ ruining it for other fans. Just because someone doesn’t fan the way you do, does NOT give you the right to shit on their parade. Grow the fuck up.


The anon hate. Fucking cowards, every single one of you – grow the fuck up and get a life!


The judgmental shit… remember this???




Well if you didn’t basically the stupidest thing I’ve seen come out of anyone’s keyboard was – if you are a gay man and you don’t date a woman because she has a vagina, you’re a bastard!


Grow the fuck up. A gay man prefers a man’s ass, NOT a woman’s vagina. It’s just how it is. A gay woman doesn’t want a dick at all in any hole. It’s just how it is. It’s how they are attracted!  It’s why they are gay! Get over yourself.


It went down hill when I saw this the other night (Actually, I’ve seen it several times)


You can’t handle the fact that ******** ********* is gay! You don’t talk about his sex life at all! You’re such a homo-phobe.


Excuse me: 1) There is NO PROOF that ******** ********** is gay. Sorry. There is more proof that he is straight and regardless, it’s none of our business who he’s with and who he is sleeping with. If he wanted it to be our business, he would be tweeting it out of his ass! Everyone has a right to a fucking private life and no one has to answer to your fucking stupid ass! Personally, I am 99.99999% sure that he is straight and not talking about it doesn’t make one a homo-phobe, but instead is exercising couth and class – something many tumblrs do not have an ounce of.


And by insisting everyone is gay just because you so desperately want that ship to sail… you’re a hetero-phobe. Kiss my hairy, unwashed lily-white rebel ass!


However, the one the night before last took the cake and just made me want to loose my knockers to the wind and slap someone bitch-ass sideways! (Something you definitely do not wish to see! I don’t care which way you swing!)


If you won’t date a person because they are HIV positive, then you are the lowest scum of the earth.


Now, I suspect the OP is HIV positive and is having a hard time getting a date and therefore is blaming EVERYONE else because they chose to have unprotected sex, shared a needle with someone or some other dangerous decision reason. I could be wrong and way off base.


I remember when AIDS was ‘a gay disease’ – I do. Homosexuals were dropping left and right and doctors didn’t know why! As a straight female, I didn’t have to worry. Besides I was utilizing safe sex at the time – I was on the pill. SO when I got married, The Pill was safe sex.


When I divorced 22 months later, The Pill was no longer safe sex. No Sex was the safest sex. Let me tell you something – I’m a highly sexual creature, okay? I immediately did research and discovered if you’re going to have sex, the safest sex to be had was a latex condom.


I discovered I was allergic to latex. So now I have to look at a potential partner and think – okay, are you worth me being blistered in the nether regions for 4 days over? And typically, the answer is oh hell no! 


This is why I have cobwebs a nun would be envious of. At this point in time, AIDS is rising the fastest in men and women my age – 50’s and 60’s – because we’re in menopause or post-menopause and we don’t have to worry about birth control anymore. That’s scary. My life isn’t the greatest but I think I’d like to live a little while longer and not die wasted away in Marquirettaville. I have enough drugs that I take on a daily basis.


Dearest darling Rich – you talk about how moody you are. Trust me, Sweet Cheeks, I gotcha beat. Menopause. Sexually frustrated. I’m lethal. Just gimme the chocolate and step back. No one will get hurt.


So. That’s why I’m not being seen there. I don’t know how long I’ll lay out and lay low.


Good news – Manna will update tomorrow or Friday. Just sayin’…


and I have decided on my first real knitting project. A rather adorable pair of fingerless gloves. Supposedly level 1 very easy.


Oh Obligatory picture of Rich… Richard… what is he going by these days???



Looking this good should be illegal. I’m grateful it’s not.