There is no way anyone can unsexy this man. nope. Can’t be done.

Guylty Pleasure

*eeeeeek*. It’s Tuesday. I have already done my duty and written an *ooof* over there on me+richard, and as I am idly pottering around, popping over to RAnet for a quick catch-up on all the news during my lunch break, I get hit with a brand new image.

Urban and the shed crew instagram Richard Armitage as Chop from Urban and the Shed Crew’s Instagram

April is the cruellest month. It’s been a while since I did a proper emergency *ooof*, so why not do one today, while I am feeling excited and inspired. For a change (and in order not to clog up my host’s blog), I’ll push it out on my own blog.

What a brilliant image. Whoever is doing the instagram for Urban and the shed crew – well done to you, this image is very arty, very interesting – very much worth looking at. Where is the *ooof* factor in the…

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