I have been missing things that are currently in my 10 x 30 storage unit, which is currently located 350 miles away from my physical self. In the past 11 years, my things have spent 6 or 7 of those years in various storage units. I know who I blame for that, but this is my quiet spot, so I won’t be pointing fingers. 


So yes, I miss my ‘real’ books, my stereo – which is 28 years old, but still cranks it out – I miss my antique bed, my 7 foot couch… my pots and pans. Can one MISS pots and pans? Yes, yes you can! 


But as of late, I’ve missed my music, my ability to create it. I miss my piano – old thing that is that will so desperately need tuning. I miss my music collection – Beethoven, Rachmanioff… Mozart, Haydn. I desperately want to open up a piece of music, take one look at it and fall on my knees because I can just tell that tearing into this piece, I will find God. 


I don’t expect anyone to understand this. It just is. I’m a lot of things… but first and foremost… I am a musician. And it’s been too long.




Note to readers: This is what happens when Zee actively diets. It’s going to be a long, long road.