My niece did something no one has been able to accomplish in years and years and years




She braided my hair. 


Now, that might not mean so much to y’all, but I have baby-fine hair (Former boyfriends say it’s SOFT and/or silky, but I say it’s limp!) and for years, people have tried to braid it with no success. The first school I taught in, my students (75% African American) LOVED to play in it… the texture was so different… and they tried everything they could to braid it, twist it, corn-row it.


No success. 


But today… 




It’s been up 8 hours. I”m soooo impressed. 


Not a bad head of hair for a 52 year old woman. Bet you can’t find the silver wisps either!!! NYAH!!!! 


Of course it’s not as impressive as Richard’s ponytail… 




Ooops sorry. Not the pony tail, but I’d love the chance to try and braid that!!! 


uhm… lemme look again… 





No… you look gorgeous. 


But still…