I have taken all of the levequin


I have taken all the pregnisone.


My blood sugar is back under 200


I’m still crabby


Crabby but not AS crabby…


The cough is still here, but it doesn’t hurt so much…


The muse is speaking… it’s through a haze and I see what’s been written. Don’t know if I can use it, but he’s being oh so very good….


I have an awesome son, who takes care of me…




and awesome friends…who are making sure I’m kept in dark chocolate and who are trying to teach my crabby ass to knit so I can make some pretty ridiculous ruffled leg warmers with poms poms to wear over my jeans.


I should post of picture of them. They are quite kewl.


Spring is here. The daffodils are up and blooming, the dogwoods are green… I see little leaves on the Red Maples and the Oaks. I will be cursing them in the fall because they will be on the ground. The pines have yellow things in them. I will be cursing them shortly as I’m allergic…


But my silver hairs are hiding.


Life is pretty good.


And we have new pictures.





And for those of you who read my silliness, a new fic begins on Wednesday. Loving Gin


01 Loving Gin cover[1]

It will be found at the usual places – wattpad, Ao3, and Dreamerfiction. Ao3 and DF will have all the graphics done of it. Wattpad is rather… limited.