I know he is beloved and cherished in his new home!

Guylty Pleasure

It took a while. He was overtaken not only by Harry Kennedy, but also by Mr Thornton. But finally word has reached the hallowed halls of RAPS Inc. that the Pocket Shrine – Pastoral Edition has reached its destination in a far-away overseas desert. There he shall rest, to spread love, and joy, and the evergreen calm of the rolling Yorkshire hills. We present the wholesome goodness that is

The John Standring Pocket Shrine – Pastoral Edition

JS shrine (10 of 13)

A garland of flowers with John’s catchphrase may remind you every day that “trouble shared is trouble halved”. With a heart as big as John Standring’s, the beefcakey farmer is the rock, the fortress, the sword of any woman he gifts his love. Awwww… *sighs*

JS shrine (5 of 13)

There he is – splendidly curled in a fancy suit, offering himself – or sharply cropped in his rustic Barbour jacket. Cutting a nice…

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